Breath Pieces is an expanded project operating across art forms including performance, sound, video and drawing. It’s conceived as a hybrid and flexible artwork with multiple modular pieces that can be organised for a range of contexts including performance, exhibition, durational and participatory events. Breath Pieces appeared for the first time as an immersive performance installation at Tramway Glasgow in June 2018.

Breath Pieces works with the materiality of breath and the breathing body. It makes tangible the inescapable corporeality of breathing – making conscious and perceptible what is usually unconscious in our day to day living.

Breath Pieces works with breath’s duration as the experiencing of time passing – a quiet resistance to time as contained measure that equates time spent to markets, to exchange, to consumption.  

Breath Pieces works with the ongoing act of breathing that is necessary for life, that is part of what it is to be human – the sensing-feeling of the event of breathing – as a choreographic contour of each of its ‘Pieces.’

Ongoing ‘Experiments’ lead to distinct breath ‘Pieces.’ As the project develops the various pieces may be presented separately or in collections as performance, as installation and as durational and participatory events.

Breath Pieces draws on Eastern breath practices – ki-aikido, qi gong, yoga – in its investigations into the material and energetic qualities of breath.

Rosanna Irvine is a choreographic artist working in an expanded field.

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