Performance Tramway 23 June

7.30pm Saturday 23rd June 2018

Breath Pieces – part performance, part installation – comprises multiple components intermingling in an immersive experience of the breathing breath.

Breath Pieces operates across art forms in the creation of multiple pieces. In each piece the actuality of the breathing breath is the driving force for the visceral emerging of kinetic, sonic and visual imagery. The Tramway event includes performance, sound, video, drawing and spoken text. Each breath piece is distinct – though at times overlapping or interacting with other pieces.

Audience is mobile. Breath is everywhere.

Concept and choreography: Rosanna Irvine
Sound App: Tim Sayer
Performers: Rosanna Irvine, Claricia Kruithof, Mark Leahy, Aniela Piasecka, Marie Williamson
Sound mix: Kian McEvoy
Video production for installation piece: The Media Workshop

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