Breath Pieces immerses in the experiencing of time, performing a quiet and sensorial resistance to notions of time as contained measure – a notion that equates time ‘spent’ to markets, to exchange, to consumption. Breath Pieces breathes time’s duration.

An expanded project operating across art forms generating multiple pieces – each taking its impetus in the actuality of the breathing breath. Breath Pieces draws on my long involvement with Eastern breath practices including from Ki-aikido, Qi gong and Yoga.

Breath Pieces began with a period of extended research into the material and energetic qualities of breath. The act of breathing is always a process; the project investigates how specific choreographic processes of breathing – or scores for the breath – might enact a producing of something.

Following the initial research period the first iteration of Breath Pieces was at Tramway Glasgow in June 2018 in the form of an immersive performance installation. It comprised multiple breath ‘pieces’ including works in sound, movement, video, visual performance and drawing.

Extending from that first iteration of Breath Pieces and going into the next phase of the project in late 2019, developing strands  are informed by my research into climate change that includes a critical-historical perspective on Empire and a concern towards decolonizing narratives of the crisis and of the Anthropocene.

COVID UPDATE Performance strands that were in development are currently in suspension due to COVID19.

Rosanna Irvine is a choreographic artist working in performance, installation, participatory public art, conversation, drawing, digital media and text

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