‏Breath and drawing workshop Tramway 19 June

‏Breath and drawing workshop at Tramway, Glasgow
all drawings on this page created by participants

‏Tuesday 19 June 2018, 10.30am – 12noon

An opportunity to learn and experiment with some of the processes used in the development of the drawing pieces.
All materials are provided
Suitable for all
‏Ages 16+

We will begin with a few simple and accessible breathing exercises drawn from Pranayama Yoga and Aikido ki-breath practices. The exercises connect us in a direct way to the rhythms and movements of our breathing breaths. I’ll introduce you to a range of experiments that I’ve been working with that have led to breath drawings. These include: setting up simple instructions that ‘follow’ the breath, such as In and out breath and 4 breath accumulations; translating the sound of breath phrases into graphic forms and tracing the outline of visible breath marks before their disappearance. There will also be the opportunity to test out a shared drawing with another person through synchronous breathing if you want.

Images below of drawings made by participants during the workshop

Images credit Joanne Walmsley

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