Video Excerpts Breath Pieces – performance installation

The following pieces were presented in the immersive performance installation at Tramway:

4breath accumulations – pen drawings on paper

500 breaths – video installation

In + out breath – durational drawing charcoal on paper

Rise + fall of the breath – sound performance

Fall + rise of the breath – movement & sound performance

Departing breath – performance

4breath accumulations – movement performance

Material + transition – sound, co-created and performed with Mark Leahy

Wave breath syncopating – movement, developed with and performed by Claricia Kruithof, Aniela Piasecka and Marie Williamson

Escaping breath – sonic-sculptural performance

Breath choir – sound performance

Breath sound app – composed by Tim Sayer

Choreographic artist: Rosanna Irvine
Performers: Rosanna Irvine, Claricia Kruithof, Mark Leahy, Aniela Piasecka, Marie Williamson
Sound app composition: Tim Sayer
Sound mix: Kian McEvoy
Camera for trailer: Martin Clark
Video support: The Media Workshop

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